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What others are saying...

“I've been on countless productions and been around some of the greatest cinematographers and DPs in the world. But I never felt like I had a real command of cinematography until I signed up for Cinema Mastery. Eric’s program can help anyone become a working, paid, and confident cinematographer. He could easily have charged twice as much for this and it would be worth it!”


“Before doing Cinema Mastery, I would see a really well done short film or video and bitterly tell myself "well if I just had a $10,000 camera like they did." But after taking this online class, I've learned that there are small things one can master in order to make incredible films no matter what you have available.”


“I can say right now that I'm SUPER inspired and I'm very pleased with my investment. I'm thinking completely different now as a videographer and editor than I did before this class; in fact, I consider myself a cinematographer now rather than a videographer. The best thing that I can say now is that my work will never be the same after this class.”


"Today I shot a testimony video and I'm really excited to share just a screenshot of it and show you the comparison with an older video of mine.

The top image is a video I shot the first week I took the Cinema Mastery class. The second one was today.

The most exciting part is that the lady's grandson came over at the end of the interview and saw the image on the camera screen and he exclaimed "Grandma, it looks like you are in a movie"... YES!!! haha... So, thanks Eric!"

Transform Your Cinematography
In Cinema Mastery, you will learn everything that goes into creating the cinematic look in your images, without having to buy expensive gear or work with giant crews. Learn the simple secrets of Hollywood pros, and start improving your work immediately. Throughout the course you will develop a keen eye for good cinematography as you learn to look at films in a whole new way. It's not a quick hack or shortcut. And it has very little to do with the camera. It's a real methodology and process, and it will transform your work in a relatively short amount of time.
Lighting Masterclass
Included with the course is a 3-week lighting masterclass that will give you the confidence and the knowledge to step on set and know how to light any scene. With over 5 hours of teaching, you'll learn the lights and other tools used by professionals on every production today. Plus you'll gain an understanding of how to execute popular lighting techniques that will instantly make your films look like a million bucks. At the end of the course you'll have everything you need to light any scene, whether it's during the day or at night, in a studio or on set, or using natural and available light. 
Your Personal Mentor
One of the most valuable parts of Cinema Mastery is that you get to work with your own personal mentor. Eric Thayne is known for his passion for beautiful imagery and uncompromising artistry. His work has been exhibited by some of the most prestigious online content curators in the world and amassed over 50 million views. Within the industry, he has taught cinematography and filmmaking techniques to hundreds of filmmakers from all over the world. By signing up for Cinema Mastery, you'll have full access to Eric's extensive knowledge and experience as a cinematographer, and you'll receive business advice and tactics for growing your business along the way.
The best and easiest way to learn cinematography online!
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